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Building Department

Building Department

The City of St Francis Building Department is responsible for administering the Minnesota State Building Code. This site is intended to provide you, our customer, with information to help you negotiate your way through the permitting process and to make your project a positive experience and comply with the applicable requirements. Please take time to browse through our site. If you have any comments or questions regarding our website or your experience with the St Francis Building Department, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Property Surveys

The city has property surveys for most homes constructed after 1990.  If you would like a copy of your survey, please contact the city.

Development Standards

Development Standards are created for all new construction and/or development projects within the City.  Development Standards are the specifications and requirements for construction.   All new residential and commercial construction, by owner or developer, are required to use the Standards for any work being completed which is included in them.  Design Standards not only affect building permits for new construction, but also many topics such as erosion, water, sewer and driveways as included.  These are the standards for construction in all zoning districts within the City of St. Francis.

Call 811 Before You Dig

If you are planning to do any digging in connection with your building project, you must call Gopher State One Call at (800) 252-1166 to arrange for utility companies to mark the buried utility lines near your project. This service is free, but you should call at least 48 hours prior to digging.

Remember, your home or business is an investment. If your construction project does not comply with the codes adopted by the local jurisdiction, the value of your investment could be reduced. Property insurers may not cover work not done without property permits and inspections. If you decide to sell your home, it is common for future buyers and realtors to examine city records to verify proper permits and inspections were obtained and successfully completed.

Your permit also allows the code official to protect the public by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction and ensuring public health, safety and welfare. By following code guidelines, your completed project will meet minimum standards of safety and will be less likely to cause injury to you, your family, friends and future owners.

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How much does a permit cost?

There is a flat fee for re-roof, re-siding, window replacement, plumbing and mechanical permits.  New construction or major remodeling fees are based on valuations (materials plus labor) this includes decks, storage sheds, garages etc. See the fee schedule for a complete list.

Do all projects need permits?

Not necessarily.  Exterior repairs such as replacing a few shingles or pieces of siding due to wind or hail damage will not require a permit.  However, if the entire side of a building or side of a roof covering is removed and replaced, a permit will need to be obtained prior to starting the project.

What projects require a permit?

Generally, any time you add a structure or perform work where city or state codes would apply, a permit will be required. Structure locations, heights, exterior finishes and structural considerations need to be reviewed and verified at your property. Specifically, permits are required for decks, swimming pools, garages, basement finish work, roofing, siding as well as window and exterior door replacement. Mechanical system replacement such as furnace, water heater and air conditioning systems also require a permit and the related inspections.

Where can I find city and state codes?

What are the setbacks for my property?

Although there are several common required setbacks for detached accessory buildings, driveways and other projects, it is generally best to find the specific setback for your property.  Drainage and utility easements, wetland situations among others can impact your planning.  Please contact the St. Francis Zoning Administrator for setbacks, size, location, height and exterior finishes specified by City Code.

What type of plans are required to be submitted for a permit?

Plans or submittals need to fully describe the project including location, size, height and materials to be used.  Generally documents required will include a completed permit application from the person responsible for the project.  This can be a licensed contractor or someone who owns and occupies the structure.  A site plan will show the intended location of a new structures or addition.  Quite often time the survey on file in City Hall can be used for this purpose.  Additionally, building plans need to be provided which will list all building materials, including cross sections and elevations.  Hand drawn plans can be acceptable provided they are drawn to scale, are legible and are “buildable”; that is, someone unfamiliar with the project can construct the project with little explanation.  Please note that specific building materials will require strict adherence to their installation requirements.  Window and door manufacturers are required to provide specific installation requirements for their products.  Frequently these will supersede state code language and it is critical for long term use and warranty situations that these are closely followed.

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