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February 6, 2017 – City Council adopted the TIF Housing Plan for the proposed assisted living development.  This development will occur on the northside of 229th Ave NW between The Ponds Golf Course Club House and the American Legion.  This is a $15 million development that has plans for an 81-unit senior housing facility.  The 3-story structure will accommodate 56 assisted living and 25 memory care units, creating healthcare jobs in the city.  Of the spaces offered to local seniors, 20 percent of the units will be leased to persons with incomes at or below 50% of the county median income.  This project is estimated to generate 45 new full-time equivalent jobs within five years with an average wage of $18.46.  Many details are still in process, but this was a strong step forward.  Watch for additional information to come!


December 29, 2016 –  While taking a moment to reflect on 2016, a few accomplishments can be realized.   First we added a newly created Community Development page and addressed the information and forms that provide technical assistance and guidance for residents and businesses.  As building permits continued to come in until the end of the year, we closed the year with a total of 37 new construction permits for single family homes.

Taking a look back:

  • In May, we received an Economic Development Plan that outlined the workforce of the City.
  • In June, we adopted policies to meet requirements of business subsidies. July was busy as we opened the second phase of a development and kicked off a Master Redevelopment plan.
  • In August, a new ordinance was created to support ground mounted solar panels.
  • In November, we went under an agreement with a software company to allow the city to administer programs more efficiently.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that moved us forward.  Meanwhile we continue to work on development of the city vacant property, redevelopment of the vacant gas station and on the assisted living.   Looking forward to see what 2017 will bring!


October 31, 2016 –  We are excited to announce the Master Plan has a name and is gathering great details!  The Master Plan document will be known as St. Francis Forward. We were excited to have residents show up to our first community workshop and provide valuable input about the Bridge Street and Hwy 47 corridors.  The next step is to continue to gather information in the form of a survey.  This is a survey that can be completed by residents, school district participants, businesses, individuals working in the city or those who take the time to shop and eat in our great city. The City will work on getting the news out there in several different ways but we also encourage you to share with friends and neighbors.

The survey will be available until December 15, 2016 at


July 12, 2016 – Work towards the 2040 Comprehensive Plan is kicking off.   Every ten years the City is required to submit a Comprehensive Plan to the Metropolitan Council that outlines land use, water/sewer, parks, transportation and housing.  The Plan will outline how the City is meeting the needs of current residents and planning for the future.  New initiatives to meet future needs include planning efforts for resilience in energy infrastructures and economic competitiveness to assist with opportunities and challenges associated with development.   The City has been awarded funds from the Metropolitan Council that will be used towards working with a planning company to pull the plan together.  Watch for updates and opportunities to provide input as we begin to think of the future and what the City will look like in 2040.


July 6, 2016 – St. Francis is completing a Master Redevelopment Plan!  City Council approved Community Development to move forward in creating a plan that will look at existing business, new opportunities and residential impact.  This Plan will focus on our two main corridors,  Bridge Street and St. Francis Blvd.  We are excited about this opportunity as master planning efforts set the stage for organized and efficient future development.  Planning efforts will work towards creating a vision and meeting the needs of residents, businesses and the City as a whole.  Watch for updates, meeting notices and announcements to get involved and be part of the City’s future!

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