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Watering Ban

Due to high water use during the summer, the City of St. Francis will be enforcing an odd-even watering ban.  Odd addresses may water on ODD days only.  EVEN addresses may water on EVEN days only. The day BEGINS and ENDS AT MIDNIGHT.  You may not sprinkle between the hours of 10 AM and 7 PM.  Restrictions begin on May 1st and run through September 30th.

New sod and seed is exempt for 30 days only.  You MUST notify the Public Works Dept. at (763) 753-2630 prior to sod/seed installation. 

Water Saving Quick Tips:

  • Use low-flow fixtures
  • Check for leaking/running toilets
  • Only water grass 1 inch per week
  • Check water softeners often for optimal operation
  • Use phosphate-free products
  • Ensure household plumbing is in good repair

St. Francis Water System

The City of St. Francis gets it water from 3 deep wells; one is finished in the Mt. Simon aquifer and two are finished in a Quaternary Buried Artesian aquifer.  The distribution system consists of approximately 35 miles of water main, 344 fire hydrants, 568 gate valves, and approximately 1,500 water service connections. The City’s water tower has a storage capacity of 750,000 gallons. An additional 1.2 Million Gallons of storage are available at the Water Treatment Plant. Chlorine and fluoride are added to the water for disinfection and dental hygiene. An orthophosphate is added for corrosion control in your interior plumbing.  Learn more.

Liquid Assets MN

This program explores concerns about Minnesota’s aging water infrastructure. Many drinking water systems, sanitary sewers and storm sewers throughout the state are rapidly approaching the end of their useful life, so communities of all sizes are trying to come up with ways to replace these vital utilities that are routinely taken for granted.   It can be viewed from TPT’s video vault.

Water Conservation Tips

Check out the links below and become a water-wise consumer:

Tips to Reduce Outdoor Water Use

MN DNR Water Conservation

Know The Flow



Is my water safe to drink?

Definitely! St. Francis water meets all of the Environmental Protection Agency’s health and aesthetic standards for safe drinking water.

Is the water in St. Francis hard?

St. Francis water is classified as very hard with 13-14 grains per gallon.  Water hardness is due principally to calcium and magnesium.  Water is generally harder in areas where calcium and magnesium rich limestone rocks are present.  St. Francis pumps its water from aquifers in dolomite/limestone rock formation.

Is there fluoride in my water?

Yes. The groundwater naturally contains a small amount of fluoride. The Water Department then adds more fluoride to bring the total amount to the Minnesota Department of Health standards (.9 to 1.4 mg/l).

Should I buy bottled water?

This is a personal decision. Remember that US bottled water is less regulated than municipal water and bottled water costs up to a 1,000 times more than St. Francis water.

Should I install a water filter in my home?

This is a personal decision.  A water filter is not required for the municipal water in St. Francis to meet drinking water standards.  If the water is not to your liking, then you may want to consider a home treatment unit.  Most filters will remove the large chlorine ions, which is added to the water to kill harmful bacteria and fluoride ions, which strengthen teeth.

Should I install a water softener in my home?

St. Francis has very hard water that may cause scale buildup on your fixtures or spots on your dishes.  If you are bothered by this a water softener should help.  Soft water rinses off better, and you generally use less soap for your dishes and laundry.

What causes the white scale on my sink and fixtures?

Deposits of calcium and magnesium build up over time.  These two minerals make up most of the hardness in your water.  Hard water is not harmful.

Where does St. Francis' water come from?

Groundwater is pumped from 3 deep wells, ranging from 229 to 417 feet deep.  The groundwater is located in the Mt. Simon aquifer (Well #1) and Quaternary Buried Artesian aquifers (Wells #3 and #4). St. Francis has the capacity to pump over 4.3 million gallons per day if needed.

Why do we store water in water towers?

  1. A large amount of water may be needed to fight a large fire.
  2. When you turn on your faucet water flows out because the water in the pipes is under pressure and is pushed out. The weight of the water in the water tower provides your house with water pressure. The higher the water is above you, the more pressure you have.
  3. Excess storage means the well can pump water more efficiently. The wells can pump water all night into storage as we sleep for the large demand when everyone wakes up and gets ready to start their day. Water is also saved over weekdays for weekends when the majority of people use water to clean and do laundry. St. Francis’s elevated storage tank can hold 750,000 gallons of water. The Water Treatment Plant, has additional storage of 1.2 million gallons, giving a total storage capacity of 1.95 million gallons.

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